Sunday, November 7, 2010

Semestral Break

Everything we do, God is always at our side.

In passing day, sometimes we do not realize the time. The time we spent, the same efforts we do. Many of us doing something right, while time is running.

This holiday is long, for me. Even the serpent every day and time, somehow still fun. In fostering this semestral break, my life seems bored. Sleep here...watching there... Helpless sometimes, so boring at home.

After the elections of the Sangguniang Kabataan, I'm lucky, because I won as the Kagawad in our town, which is the Barangay VIII. I have unity worries, sometimes when I can do nothing at home. In fact, I liked this. My mommy choice this for mine. In her explanation about this, I learned something. I learned that good shovel to be member of the S.K. And with the scholarship that can receive. Nothing but then she said, I accepted it with all my heart. And I'm not mistaken in accepting this king of challenge. Since, I was easily affiliates have sympathetic, unite and other good traits that may come up.

For the first that I met is the Halloween. The Twilight Festival 2010 of the City of Vigan, headed by Hon. Mayor Eve Marie S. Medina. This kind of festival was so fun, enjoying yet boring.

When November 1 come, my morning is quite boring. Its thoroughly boring in this day. But when I went to the cemetery together with my family and relatives, it felt that its boring inside there. The people whom to visit their deaths is lessen. The sells such as candle, flowers were double or high its price. But its good, at least we have visited our deaths in their tomb.

This years semestral break was beautiful and nice. Its fun, humor, and inspiring some of the days that became our semestral break.